Frequently asked Questions

What is High Point's stance on diversity, equality, and inclusion?

Diversity, equity and inclusion are core values for High Point. We remain strongly grounded in community, even in many different locations. Our goal is for our facilities to be a place of escape where a diverse, positive, and supporting atmosphere welcomes everyone. We strive to encourage and support groups who drive growth and unity within our communities and we absolutely do not tolerate any type of negativity or discrimination based on race, religion, gender, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, or any other identity. We are genuine. We love everyone. We are not perfect. We make mistakes. We learn, and we keep climbing together.

Do I need to come with a partner to climb or take a class?

No, auto-belays allow you to climb without a belay partner. We recommend you take a class to maximize your experience, or schedule ahead of time to have a staff belay.

How much does it cost to climb?

Day passes for children 10 and under are $22 and day passes for adults are $24. Check out our rates page for more information including rental gear.

How old do I have to be to climb?

Children 13 and younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, but cannot use the weight or aerobic room, or training walls behind the pit area in our downtown location. Children starting at 11 can belay with a back-up belay and parent or legal guardian supervision after passing a belay check. When children turn 14 years of age they are allowed to belay without parent or legal guardian supervision after passing a belay check.

What should I wear?

The best thing to wear is something comfortable that you can move around in. Sweat pants or shorts work well. All climbers are required to wear climbing shoes while climbing anywhere in the facility. If you don't own your own climbing shoes, you can rent them at our front desk.

How do I get started?

The easiest way to begin rock climbing is with an auto-belay. After an orientation with our staff, you can climb on our many auto-belays. You should also take our Top Rope Belay Class provided by our in house climbing instructors. This class will help you achieve the most amount of fun from your visit.

What is top-roping?

Top Roping is a style in climbing in which a rope, used for the climber's safety, runs from a belayer at the bottom of a route through the belay bar or anchors at the top of the route and back down to the climber, attaching to the climber by means of a harness. All belayers must belay directly off their harness.

What is lead climbing?

Lead climbing is a style in climbing where a climber attaches themselves to a dynamic (elastic) climbing rope and ascends a route while clipping into quickdraws every four feet and at the top the climber clips the anchors. The lead climber must have another person acting as a belayer. The belayer has multiple roles: breaking the rope in the event of a fall, and giving out or taking in slack.

What type of groups can climb?

High Point can accommodate a wide variety of groups including school field trips, Boy Scouts, and corporate functions. Give us a call to see how we can assist you best.


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