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Social Sports

Our clubs and team are a fun way for young climbers to learn climbing and build community. Instruction is personalized to each person.

Climbing is naturally a social sport that offers something for each athlete. The emphasis on a supportive community and healthy communication serves to build a positive environment for our club and team members.


Program Benefits

Self motivation and team encouragement

Increased desire to excel and developed willpower

Efforts yield tangible rewards like improbed balance, flexibility and strength

Climbing teaches us to know our limits and expand them

Clear communication skills with climbing partners

Engaging with nature through a unique activity

Develops values such as solidarity, cooperation, respect and inclusiveness

Improved mental abilities including visualization, memorization and coordination

Promotes character formation and integration into a community of fellow climbers

High Point Team members get the chance to travel to other facilities for competitions or just to train on new terrain!
5 - 14 Years Old

Climbing Clubs

For athletes wanting to have fun and improve their climbing!

Participating at a recreational level offers the possibility of later joining the Competitive Teams.

8 - 19 years old

Climbing Team

For athletes with the desire to compete!

Represent the High Point Climbing Team from the local to the international level.

8 - 19 Years Old

Interscholastic Climbing

Compete with your middle or high school team in a recreational round robin style comp season running from November to February.

Message us to see if your school has a team or if you are a coach wanting to start your own. Open to both new climbers and those already enrolled in the High Point Teams.

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Competition Team


Climbing club


competition taem

our Coaches

Our club and team are lead by USA Climbing Coach and International Federation of Sport Climbing board member, Pablo Hilewski. His extensive experience and background has carried him around the globe, competing and coaching at the highest levels.


Classes and events will be returning soon. Keep checking back in for updated information.


Monday - Friday

Open from 10am - 10pm

Saturday & Sunday

Open from 10am - 8pm

Special Hours

Thanksgiving: Closed

Christmas Eve: 10a - 4p

Christmas Day: Closed

New Year's Eve: 10a - 6p

New Year's Day: 12p - 10p