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Social Sports

Our youth teams are a fun way for young climbers to learn climbing and build community. Instruction is personalized to each person.

Climbing is a social sport, and it offers something different for every athlete. The emphasis on a supportive community and healthy communication serves to build a positive environment for our club and team members.


Program Benefits

Self motivation and team encouragement

Increased desire to excel and developed willpower

Efforts yield tangible rewards like improbed balance, flexibility and strength

Climbing teaches us to know our limits and expand them

Clear communication skills with climbing partners

Engaging with nature through a unique activity

Develops values such as solidarity, cooperation, respect and inclusiveness

Improved mental abilities including visualization, memorization and coordination

Promotes character formation and integration into a community of fellow climbers

Kids will learn vital climbing skills like knot tying.
6 - 18 Years Old

Climbing Clubs

Your child's climbing team experience starts here.  Climbing Club helps climbers build foundational climbing skills through age-appropriate climbing coaching, games, fun drills, challenges, and experiential education activities.

Coaches will meet athletes at their individual level of strength and comfort and help them progress.

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6-18 years old

Climbing Teams

Development team is for motivated athletes who are ready to progress beyond climbing club. Athletes may join the Development Team to prepare for Competition Team tryouts or to advance their skills and passion for climbing in a noncompetitive environment.

Competitive team is for serious athletes training for USA Climbing competitions. Competitive team athletes require practice at least twice per week, attend competitions, and maintain gym membership. Tryouts are required to join this team.

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6 - 17 Years Old

Homeschool PE Club

High Point Homeschool PE Club is a fun way to get your kids climbing, moving, and learning to work as a team with other climbers!

This club is for ages 6-17 and will include a mix of instruction on climbing fundamentals and technique, open climbing time, team-building activities, and games to keep your young athlete engaged and in motion. Club members will also be taught climbing gym etiquette and held to a high standard of behavior so they can interact with and enjoy the multi-age and diverse climbing community and all it has to offer.

Interscholastic Climbing League

ICL is a program for Memphis youth ages 11-18. This program introduces climbing to students and provides an opportunity to practice and progress in the sport. Participating in ICL is as easy as joining or starting a team for your school! Practice together, compete among other teams, join the climbing community, and build or maintain your climbing skillset.

6 - 17 Years Old

Homeschool Days

Homeschool Days provide a fun way to get your kids climbing and moving at a discounted rate! This event runs once a month throughout the school year. Get half-off day passes and free gear from 8am - 2pm.

Registration is not required.


Youth Teams Schedule


Competitive Team
Team 1A
Team 3


comp prep team
-team 2a


Competitive Team


Team 1b
Competitive Team
Team 2B


comp prep team

our Coaches

Our club and team is lead by experienced and passionate climbing coaches, dedicated to getting young climbers motivated while helping them to adopt beneficial training habits and techniques. We strive to make sure that our club and team members not only have fun, but can also grow to compete at the highest levels.


We don't have any competitions scheduled right now. Keep checking back in for updated information.


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Special Hours

Thanksgiving: Closed

Christmas Eve: 10am - 4pm

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