This location features 11,000 square feet of world class indoor bouldering.

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16ft Climbing walls
100+ Boulder problems
Weight Room
Gear rentals
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Membership includes access to all our community events and fitness classes.

s at • 2 hrs

Lead Belay Class

Find a new high point in your climbing skill set. Lead climbing is the next step after you've mastered the art of top roping. Expand your horizons and enjoy the endless opportunities of clipping the chains. In this class a High Point instructor will teach techniques required to lead climb and belay properly indoors. Lead climbing is a very involved form of climbing - this class is intended for individuals with extensive top roping experience. Each participant must be able to climb a 5.9 without falling or weighting their harness.

This class will cover topics such as:

  • Rope management
  • Clipping quickdraws
  • Efficient and effective methods of lead belaying/ feeding slack
  • Lead Climbing specific techniques used in a movement
  • Falling
  • Catching


Members: $35

Non-Members: $50


Approximately three hours

s at •

Top Rope Belay Classes

Belaying is the process of securing and safeguarding a climber by using a rope to hold the climber's weight if they fall. Learning to belay allows climbers to use all of the top rope stations in the gym, providing more combing opportunities than just the auto belays and bouldering. Belaying is an important part of the climbing chain of safety and one of the most important skills that any climber must master.

This class is a great option if you are new to climbing or need a refresher on belaying. This is also a great option for family members who would like to belay for each other. The minimum age to learn to belay is 11, and children under the age of 12 MUST take the class with a parent. This class needs a minimum of two participants, if there are not other attending, you must provide your own partner to successfully complete the class.

The class will cover topics such as:

  • Equipment use
  • Safety procedures
  • Voice commands
  • Belaying
  • Catching a climbers fall
  • Lowering the climber
  • Knot tying


  • Members: $25
  • Non-Members: $50 - receive a FREE two weeks of membership with rental gear upon completion and waived start up fee for a new EFT membership.

This class includes all necessary gear and Day Pass, allowing you to climb for the rest of the day.

Monday: 10:30am / 4pm / 1pm / 6:30

Tuesday: 4pm

Wednesday: 4pm / 6:30pm

Thursday: 4pm / 6:30pm

Friday: 10:30am / 4pm / 1pm / 6:30

s at • 1hr

Private Instruction

Climb harder, progress quicker, and push your limits further!

Time spent one-on-one with an instructor is one of the surest ways to enhance your climbing skillset. Your initial session will involve an evaluation of current skills, ranging from footwork, and body positioning, to mental fortitude and strength. This assessment will allow us to identify what areas of your technique need to be focused on. Private instruction can be used to achieve any goal, whether it's improving bouldering skills or sport climbing strategies, increasing your power and endurance or refining your footwork and body mechanics. Anything you need help with or are interested in accomplishing, our instructors can help you reach those goals efficiently and effectively.

No experience is required!
Please speak to a manager for more information.

Pricing 60 minute sessions:


  • 1 session: $50
  • 4 sessions: $180
  • 8 sessions: $340


  • 1 session: $65
  • 4 sessions: $234
  • 8 sessions: $442


Find your focus and improve your strength with one of our FREE yoga and fitness classes throughout the week!

Personal Coaching

Schedule your session for individual instruction focusing on improving overall climbing performance while meeting your specific climbing goals.

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Outdoor Guiding

Our climbing guide service is fully insured, and High Point climbing guides are American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Single Pitch Instructors.



We host multiple competitions and teams throughout the year.

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Saturday: 10a – 10p

Sunday: 10a - 8p

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Thanksgiving: Closed

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